Greatness in professional as well as personal life comes by being an inspirational human being. Greatness lies in inspiring others with the values we live our life with. Great men live their message and walk their talk. Virtue is timeless. Those who do good things don’t enjoy vacation. Our past life is our school life that binds us and makes our present a present (gift) of GOD and of so much worth remembering in future.

Every year in the beginning of the academic session, a group of kids enter the school campus and give the impression of flowering in a garden. I would observe their shining faces keenly and try to find a future Einstein or Rabindranath, Abdul Kalam or Vivekanand among them . I keep waiting. I win on their victory. I lose on their defeat. I feel happy to see them with a smile. I suffer when they are unhappy. ……We celebrate our birthdays together and enjoy all the festivals together . They pass their child hood and their adolescence with me . Their achievement is my success. Their failure is my topic of research and remediation. I feel honored when they are awarded. Here they grow the span of their wings to take altitude.

But one day they leave the campus in flock like seasonal migratory birds to a new campus for higher studies. I feel happy to see the growing span of their wings. It happens every year with me. Sometimes I feel over whelmed to read about them on the face book or in a daily news paper. A few words come out of my mouth …..”our student ! I remember their childhood days and the memorable events. I pray to GOD to bless them wherever they are.

Teachers can do wonders. One who holds the fire can only pass it to others. I expect teachers to update their knowledge and motivate the students to create in them thirst for knowledge. I hope Teachers would keep the fire of knowledge burning in them. Those who hold fire can only ignite. Tamasormam Jyotirgamaya


Mr. S. K.Sarangi


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