LIBRARY Section :"A Hub of Information"

Library is a store house of knowledge and a treasure house where students can shape their future and expend their knowledge and enrich them. Our Library has a rich collection of books & periodicals. At present has 7737 books and 15 periodicals .Student take a keen interest in reading & besides their allotted library period they attend library after the school is over which enhances their potentiality and gives them the true platform for their proper growth and development.

Library facilities-

(i) Size of the library in sq. feet
02 NOS. (8.80 X 6.17) & (9.90 X 6.20 ) sq.mtrs.

(ii) No. of periodicals 01
(iii) No. of dailies 04
(iv) No. of reference book class-wise 4000
(v) No. of magazine 12
(vi) Others AUDIO VISUAL AIDS-100