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Through Satellite and IT-Enabled Education(SITE), a major component of the ASTER project, AEES seeks to harness the tremendous potential of the multimedia to enhance the quality of education through learning. Starting with a studio and Hub in Mumbai, all the AEC schools are connected through satellite so as to have both non-interactive and interactive network. AEES has been allotted a separate bandwidth in the extended C-band by the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) which has a dedicated satellite in the field of education and ISRO is providing the technical support for satellite, connectivity of the ASTER studio and ISRO-approved vendor. Multimedia rooms are set up at every school. The functionality of the ASTER studio and the connectivity to all the centre was established successfully. At the outset, recorded lectures of Principals, Vice principals and Teachers of AEC Schools were transmitted through ASTER Studio. DVDs of the lectures of the teachers of AEES are being developed for the students of classes I to X.