Annual Day Tentative Date: 07.12.2017


  1. Log on to pay school fees.
  2. Link is already open for the payment of the fees.
  3. Please follow the steps (12 steps) attached herewith to successfully pay the fees.
  4. Please collect the 13digit Student’s Unique ID from the class teacher concerned .
  5. Use 13 digit Student’s Unique ID to view your profile and payment of fees.
  6. Check the details carefully before you proceed for the payment. In case of any doubt please contact school office for proper guidelines.
  7. Enter correctly the student’s name, date of birth and valid mobile number in the field to generate Online Fee Payment Receipt.
  8. After the payment, you are requested to submit a self attested photocopy of Online Fee Payment Receipt to the class teacher concerned for record.

Note Please :

  1. School is not responsible for any transaction failure. Please contact your serving bank for any transaction related issues.
  2. In case of less payment than the required amount, you will have to pay the remaining amount as per the school instructions which may be issued later. In case of more payment than the required amount, there is a provision of reimbursement after the verification of documents which will be notified later.
  3. Pay the fees well in time to avoid last minute rush. School is not responsible for network of link failure.
  4. School will not ask any detail over mobile, telephone etc. pertaining to transaction. Please do not share any information with anyone.
  5. School fees will be collected online only.
    Step 1: Long on
    Step 2 : Click on SB Collect to choose Classic Version or New Version from the menu bar.
    Step 3 : Click either Classic Version or New Version Preferably New Version.
    Step 4 : Check the square box by clicking it, then click Proceed.
    Step 5 : Select Jharkhand from the drop down box for state of corporate institution.
    Step 6 : Select  Educational Institutions from the drop down box for type of corporate institution. Then click Go.
    Step 7 : Select ATOMIC ENERGY CENTRAL SCHOOL-2, JADUGUDA from the drop down box for Educational  institution name then click Submit.
    Step 8 : Enter 13 DIGITS Unique ID ( Provided by your class teacher) in the box and click Submit.
    Step 9 : Write student’s correct name ( as per admission register). Correct Date of birth ( as per admission register). Valid Mobile number and enter the text as shown in the image then click Submit.
    Step 10 : Click Confirm
    Step 11 : Click any one Payment Gateway to pay your requisite amount of fees, then proceed as per the instruction given by your payment gateway.
    ( School is not responsible in any case, for failure of transaction. In such cases, please contact your serving bank)
    All the students must write their Unique ID in the Calendar and preserve it for online payment after notification.